How to Beat a Wage Garnishment

This came to me while sitting in a cube one day. It is a big commitment but can pay off huge in the end for you. For right now we are assuming you have a wage garnishment and you are either new to the site or your efforts so far have not been fruitful.

In most cases your wage garnishment for standard debt is going to be 25% of your disposable wages (gross minus deductions required by law i.e. taxes and other government deductions like social security. So can you live on 75% of your current take home? Probably not so this suggestion may sound crazy but it works. You can up your tax deductions artificially on your W-4 form so your disposable is equal to or less than the lowest amount they can garnish you for.

If you can manage to live on $669.50 a month you can avoid the garnishment and have a huge tax return at the end of the year. The average person may not be able to do this but for those who can, take the tax return, DON'T put it in a bank because it can also be garnished, and use it to make a written settlement with the creditor. You will have all the leverage and can settle for mere pennies on the dollar. They will know you are not f'ing around at that point. Don't forget, you can also try the settlement after they see what you have done. Ask the account manager to pull it up and see what you are willing to do. They will settle.

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